The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains.
The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.

William Arthur Ward

Teachers at PJK

Meet the teachers at Jumbo Kids, who strive to make your child's first experience away from home a memorable one.

Swapnil Limaye

Podar Jumbo Kids Whitefield

Ms Swapnil believes that children don’t need classrooms , they need nurturing environment for all around growth. With this vision she started Podar Jumbo kids Borewell Road branch in May 2014 .She has been running this school since last 5 yrs With the ethos of dedication, patience, perseverance and abundant love for children , branch has grown from modest beginning of 30 children to 180 children in last 5 yrs.
Podar jumbo kids , Borewell Road was Ranked 12th in the franchised Preschool category in entire Bangalore by prominent magazine “ Education world” in AY 2016-17.
School excellence awards Top 100 preschool in India AY- 2017-18 was awarded to Podar jumbo kids , Borewell Road by Brainfeed Magazine in the category of “ Best Preschool of Karnataka “ in achieving excellence to quality preschool education towards the development of the society.
Her branch has been ranked 10th by @ Education world “ in AY 2018-19. She continues firm on this journey of shaping beautiful minds of future generation.
She has nurtured her dynamic team of Teachers and Helping staff and equipped them with relevant training and skills to provide best possible care and support to tiny tots.

Ms. Vandana Rawat

Centre Head

Ms. Deepika Rani

Branch Coordinator

Ms.Saritha Shenoy

Academic Coordinator


KG coordinator


Sr. KG Teacher

Ms. Meghna

Jr. KG Teacher

Ms. Elizabeth

Jr. KG Teacher

Ms. Nethra J

Jr. KG Teacher

Ms. Tejaswini

Jr. KG Teacher

Ms. Revathi

Nursery Teacher


Nursery Coordinator

Ms. Vinodini

Nursery Teacher


Nursery Teacher

Ms. Devi Prasanna

Nursery Teacher

Ms. Lakshmi A

Nursery Teacher

Ms. Aparna

Nursery Teacher

Ms. Deepika Panda

Play group Teacher

Ms. Pragnyasmita S

Play group Teacher

Ms. Amrita Panigrahi

Play group Teacher

Ms. Priyadarshini

Play group Teacher

Ms. Mamatha

Daycare Teacher

Ms. Joespin

Daycare Teacher

Ms. Sunita Sahu

Daycare Teacher


To Know More About Us

Vandana Rawat

I have started my career as a Management executive but soon realised that my passion is in teaching. I have also worked in a centre which helps the children who are differently abled and face learning difficulties. Working at PJK gives me satisfaction that I am a little part of shaping the future of our children who will tomorrow become great countrymen and responsible adults.

Qualification: Masters in Business Mangement and Nursery teacher trained
 17 years
School Worked Before: Sparsh for Childen’ Centre for Special education as Head Administration
Role Here: All levels

Deepika Rani

This profession gives me immense pleasure to expose myself to various challenges and also enables me to learn to handle complex situations and also confront with various crisis in skillfull manner.

Qualification: BE
 6 months
School Worked Before: NA
Role Here: Coordination for school

Saritha Shenoy

Teaching is a profession which gives me immense pleasure as I am working with little kids, and contributing to their bright future. I like to take challenges, as every kid is different. In my opinion teacher plays a very important role in a child’s life and thus positivity is the key to it. Teaching satisfies my desire of enhancing the education system, contributing to it in a positive way and leading the path in raising a healthy society.

Qulaification: B.sc,M.sc Computer science,NTT
 3.5 years
School Worked Before: Chrysallis High
Role Here: All levels


Teaching has been always my passion, as it reveals my inner desire to help others , to impart my knowledge. I have chosen this as I believe the best teachers remain students their whole lives. I love learning and becoming teacher guarantees I will never stop doing so. Lastly I love kids and want to stay with them and want to help them with my knowledge. I want to live my passion for teaching to the fullest.

Qualification: BA (psychology) NTT
 3 years
School Worked Before: Mother Mary and Hello Kids
Role Here: All levels


Spending time with kids which motivates me to become a teacher of those blossoming buds.
The name ‘ Shiuli ‘ starts with letter S …one word which describes me is ‘simple and sensible’.
My hobbies are Reading novels.

Qualification: Masters in Business Management and Nursery teacher trained
 4 months
School Worked Before: NA
Role Here: Sr. KG class


Reason for choosing teaching as professional is the inspiration from my 1st class teacher, she used to teach & mingle with the children I too like to be in the environment of children it makes me feel so energetic.The love, laughter, creativity and imagination are like an eternal fountain of joy. In fact everyday I learn one or the other thing from every child I meet in my daily life.

Qualification : B.Com
Experience : 4 years
School Worked Before : Arrow Head International Preschool
Role Here : Jr. KG class


Initially I chose teaching because I love to work with kids later I got a chance to grow myself with kids and develop a great bond and every day I’m learning new things from our school which motivates me to grow and more to learn always.

Qualification: Bth,Diploma in CS
 2.5 years
School Worked Before: NA
Role Here: Jr. KG class

Nethra J

‘It’s a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together.’ Teaching has always been my passion and I am now pursuing my childhood dream of becoming a teacher. My Teachers have also been a great inspiration for me to choose this as my career. It gives me immense satisfaction when I realize I am contributing to the community and making a difference in the lives of children. In this process I don’t just teach, but I also learn a lot. Looking forward to an exciting journey ahead.

Qualification: B.E in Computer science


Teaching is a Nobel profession, we explore our knowledge through teaching improve the development of young minds and I love to teach kids and learn with them also.🙂

Qualification: M.Sc.(Computer science)
B.Ed.(physics &mathematics)


I chose teaching because I like to help and serve children. It gives me satisfaction and pleasure everyday in learning with kids. This profession has given me the opportunity to show my creativity , drawing skills and to learn being patient , I love being a teacher.

Qualification: Bachelor in Business Management
 4 years
School Worked Before: IBM and First Advantage
Role Here: Nursery class


I am very happy working in the beautiful environment of my school.
Teaching is a journey full of excitement, it is a roller coaster ride and I enjoy every bit of it. To See a child growing and learning everyday makes me happy and thus I chose this wonderful profession of being a teacher. My mission as a teacher is to help each child in my class to discover the joy of learning.
So, l love to be a part of this never-ending journey with my little students.

Qualification: B.Com
 7.5 years
School Worked Before: KID ZEE & Bright kids
Role Here: Curriculum coordination for Nursery


I love teaching because I have opportunity to impact students by shaping the perception they have of themselves as well as how they see and interact with others…
I believe that teachers can make a huge impact on many children’s lives and learn values along with them….

Qualification: B.Sc. Visual Communication


I have chosen teaching because I love kids. I feel happy when I play with them. As a teacher I find pleasure in teaching them and learning with them.

Qualification: B.Ed
 2 years
School Worked Before: NA
Role Here: Nursery class

Devi Prasanna

Teaching is my passion and I found joy in educating kids.

Qualification: M.Sc- Biotechnology
Experience: 1 yr

Lakshmi A

I am teaching because I love to work with children. I feel happy when I am able to inspire them to achieve their potential and contribute in shaping their bright minds.

Qualification: B.Com
3 years


My hobbies are dancing,traveling and listening to music. I chose this profession because it gives me self satisfaction.it gives me opportunity to learn new things, face new challenges on regular basis.

Qualification: MBA,NTT
 1 year 7 months
School Worked Before: A step above school
Role Here: All levels

Deepika Panda

I choose to be a teacher as it is a very noble profession. It’s a great opportunity for me to shape the future of the little minds.

Qualification: B.tech in IT
3 years


I chose teaching as a profession to make a difference in child’s life every single day. It challenges me intellectually, creatively & emotionally to be the best I can be. It is indeed a privilege to guide children through each phase of learning. I love to cherish this magnificent learning and ‘sharing is caring’ platform.

Qualification: MBA in finance and marketing


I choose this profession because I have the patience to handle the kids, I love to spend my time with kids, I know the value of education as well as the importance role of a teacher. This profession give me more satisfaction because every day we learn something new from the kids.

Qualification:MBA in HR and marketing
Experience: 1 years


Teaching is a rewarding experience giving a sense of purpose in my life. I enjoy volunteering in opportunities that allow me to teach kids because it gives me pleasure. Early childhood education support children during pivotal time of growth. Hence thereby as an educator, I feel proud to indulge myself in this profession.

Qualification: B.Sc. Computer Science
M.Sc. Computer Science


Teaching is my passion, I have chosen this as I believe nurturing the children is the best service to society.

Qualification: Bachelors in ART
3 years


I have chosen teaching as I like kids, working with children is great opportunity to be of service to community. I love watching children grow up.

Qualification: B.A, NTT

Sunita Sahu

Children are the future of our society. I am happy that somewhere as a teacher I contribute to shape the future of children in a positive way. There is no limit to education and I am happy I am working with kids.

Qualification: B.Ed.