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One of the top preschools in India we provide customized education that surpasses the highest standards and we are abreast with the latest educational trends.

Podar Jumbo Kids


KIDUCATION is the core educational philosophy of Podar Jumbo Kids. KIDUCATION as the name suggests is education from the point of view of the child's development and ensures that the activities and learning that kids are exposed to are age relevant,developmentally appropriate, culturally specific and hands on.
To ensure all above , the KIDUCATION curriculum has three specific elements namely: HAND-HEAD-HEART inspired from Mahatma Gandhi, the first President of the Podar group of schools.
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The Jumbo Advantages of Enrolling Your Child

At Podar Jumbo Kids


Safety features to ensure security and well being of children.


Early Years Foundation Course(EYFS) Curriculum.


A special reading,writing and language development program.

Healthy Food

We support Healthy food and hygiene.

Child friendly

A child friendly Behaviour modification policy


Trained teachers and staff.

Number Magic

A special number education program.

Physical Development Program

Step up Physical Development Program - For healthy body and healthy mind.


We focus on development of all 5 senses.

Parents Partnership Program

Where parents can be a part of School Development Committee(SDC) and join their child during event celebrations.

Safety Features

At Podar Jumbo Kids

  • Parent Smart Card
  • Sign in and out by Parents
  • Mock Fire Drills
  • Good Touch and Bad Touch sesseions with children
  • Working CCTV cameras in the premises covering all areas
  • Regular School Development Committee(SDC) with parents
  • Risk Assessment for field trips
  • Finger Guard on all classroom doors
  • Rounded edge furniture in the classrooms
  • Low height basins and commodes
  • Fire Extinguishers in the school premise
  • First Aid Kit and Training
  • Tie up with nearby hospitals
  • School Bus Safety

First President: Mahatma Gandhi

Podar Education Group's

A meeting of ‘Anandilal Vidya Prachar Sanstha’ was held at the place of Pujya Mahatma Gandhiji (Labournam Road, Bombay) on Miti-Shravan Krishna 15, Samavat 1978, that is on August 2, 1992. The names of the Trustees present:

Mahatma Gandhi Ji
Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya
Seth Anandilalji Podar
Seth Jamnalalji Bajaj

  1. It was decided that the institution be named ‘Shekhawati Brahmacharya Ashram’ and the Trust be named ‘Anandilal Vidya Prachar Sanstha’  (Anandilal Educational Society)
  2. It was decided that the capital of Rs. 2,01,000 (Two Lakh One Thousand), given by Shriyut Anandilal for the development of education in Shekhawati and neighbouring region, be withdrawn from Tilak swaraj fund and deposited with the capital of ‘Anandilal Vidya Prachar Sanstha’ in the name of the aforementioned authorities 
  3. It was decided that the capital be deposited in the name of the four trustees in whichever bank Shriyut Anandilalji and Jamnalalji found it appropriate 
  4. It was decided that the money could be withdrawn from the bank through the signatures of these two gentleman: Jamnalalji Bajaj and Anandilal Podar
  5. It was decided that Shriyut Maganlalji Gandhi at Ahmedabad be written to prepare a scheme of studies 
  6. It was decided that a headmaster be kept at rs 150 (Rs. one hundred fifty) per month 
  7. It was decided that in the event of inconvenience  in organising meeting, the functioning be carried out by obtaining suggestions from the trustees by post
  8. It was decided that Mahatma Gandhi Ji would be the President of this institution


Mohandas Gandhi 
Madan Mohan Malaviya 
Jamuna Lal Bajaj