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We are proficient in the best mother toddler & child brain development program.

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Why Born Smart ?

  • Because 90% of a child’s brain is developed by the age of three. Children inherit genes from both parents and that decides 50% of their intelligence. The rest will be determined by the environment you raise your child in.
  • Because brain wiring is at its peak after birth it needs stimulation. It helps parents give the right amount of stimulation to their babies to help in child's sensory, motor, emotional, and linguistic development.
  • Because intelligence is not the only trait that will decide your child's future success, other important traits that will define your child's personality like – attention, motivation, persistence, curiosity and involvement.
  • Because even the youngest babies interact with the environment and seek interactions from their primary caregivers. The extent and level of this interaction defines baby's temperament, attention, activity level.
  • Because every parent need to practice sensitive parenting which is being cued into your child's needs both physical and emotional needs. So, make the most of the crucial brain development period.
  • Because ‘Born Smart’ helps parents to look for and acknowledge 'real milestones' in their child's growth. Born Smart helps parents understand that even simple changes and developments in their growing babies like.

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