Independence Day

15 August 2018

Azadi week is the lead up to independence day in which kids are involved in various fun activities like dance and song competition, Independence Day-themed function, Independence day based competitions, plays in which kids portray our freedom fighters, story narration and last but not least, flag hoisting. In this week, kids will also be taught about the great stories of our historic struggle for Independence.

Birthday Celebration

Birthday celebrations are a very important aspect of our institution. We have a unique Birthday celebration ritual in which we introduce the scientific concept of completion of one year, we call it a walk around the sun’ which is Montessori celebration of life conceptualised by Madam Maria Montessori, in this the birthday boy/girl goes around the representation of sun starting from his/her birth month and take a full round to complete 1 year. We also ensure the inculcation of healthy eating habits through our only fruit distribution policy on a child’s birthday.


25 March 2018

As part of our curriculum, kids will explore and celebrate Christmas and all other major festivals to imbibe a sense of secularity in them. It is a part of exploring and learning for the kids. Christmas is a joyous day when kids will have a lot of activities like making Christmas cards and decorating a Christmas tree. Kids will be encouraged to dress according to christmas traditions and a Santa party will be organized for them in which they will get gifts.

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