Events Around The Year

Annual Function

29 March 2019

Annual functions are really important for kids in the school because it helps the kids to get creative and get involved in extracurricular activities and broaden their thought spectrum. Jumbo Kids provides kids with the opportunity to explore their creative side by performing activities like drama, dance, storytelling. We also involve kids in backend activities like decorating the school and creating banners and making cutouts. It is also a good opportunity for teachers to interact with kids and explore their uniqueness and individuality.


11 August 2019

Activities such as Puppet Show sparks the interest of children and it is a very engaging way of teaching children. It sets the stage for valuable learning that results in the overall development of oral skills, communication skills and social & motor skills while also helping children understand the world in a more imaginative way. The puppet show is also an integral part of our fun learning policy. We organize puppet shows to make sure children get the best learning environment.

Book Club

We have a Library in our school, where we display the books as per the age and level of the Kids. Our Book club program is unique, every week a teacher becomes the in charge of Book club / storyteller and selects a theme like – fairy tale, Jungle safari etc. She reads the story to all the classes and after that the children choose their book from library. The Book is issued every Tuesday and is returned on the following Tuesday.

Field Trip

Field Trips are important to help bridge the gap between education and hands-on experience. They broaden the educational experience and make a subject more relevant. In today’s age children are visual learners and a field trip lets them touch, feel, and listen to what they're learning about and help them gain a better understanding of topics.

Parent Teacher Meet

25 March 2019

The Parents are invited to meet the teacher and the portfolio is given to them for understanding the development of their child. The Teachers discuss the 7 development areas with the parents and also make them aware of course of action at home to enhance the development. There are two Learning assessment given on completion of Term – 1 and Term – 2.
The PTMs are interactive meets where both teachers and parents share their concerns or achievements of the child.

Summer Camp - Water Games

25 March 2019

At Podar Jumbo Kids, we organize summer camps where kids can learn and have fun together. We expose children to different activities which helps them develop new hobbies. It also helps children develop a sense of independence as they stay away from their homes. Our summer camp also includes water sports, which aims at boosting children’s self-confidence by teaching them important life skills such as swimming.

Show and Tell Event

The circular is sent to parents to dress up the child and also to send an object of the particular colour. The stage is decorated with the same color objects and the children come on the stage and show the object and tell / descript about.
The photographs are uploaded on FB. Parents send their kids with lot of enthusiasm and are happy to see their child on stage and speaking on Mic.

Special Assembly

The children practice every day the National Anthem, school prayer, rhymes , exercise and dispersal during the assembly. The Special Assemblies begun with Sr. KG children and end up by Jr. KG children in a year. Every month few children are selected to conduct the assembly on last Friday of the month, all the children from Jr. KG and Sr. KG are given chance to conduct the assembly in the Academic year. The assembly is based on a theme. The Parents of chosen kids are invited to be a part of the assembly on that day.
The Parents feel happy and satisfied to see their children performing so well with confidence and conducting the assembly in a flow.
The Parents feel happy and satisfied to see their children performing so well with confidence and conducting the assembly in a flow.