Extra Curricular Activities


Taaquademy Music foundation conducts classes once in a week, the faculty engage children in simple activity, sing-a-long songs, activity songs, etc. through touch-and-feel of percussion instruments and keyboards. Students get exposure to the world of music, the faculty teaches simple activity songs, involving all the children in movement and singing. At KG level Taaqademy faculty teaches songs with simple music theory concepts woven in - ideas on pitch, duration, loudness, quality, tempo, etc. along with touch and feel of percussion instruments, ukele, guitar and keyboard.


We also have a tie up with Kinderdance which is a program of developmental dance focusing towards motor development, gymnastics, and fitness of the children. The frequency of this program is Once in a week.


25 March 2019

We have a tie up with in-school sports program company Funday sports. Their national and state level coaches come to our centre once in a week to help build / enhance gross and fine motor skills of our children while developing their interest in sports and physical activities.

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